District 14-5A Cross Country Championship 2012

Lufkin High School’s Cross Country team ran against Conroe, College Park, Bryan, A&M Consolidated,
Oak Ridge and The Woodlands in the District 14-5A Coke Meet on Thursday, October 25, to compete for
a chance to move into the Regional championships.

Both the 5k and 3200m track wound around the soccer field at Lufkin High School, including obstacles
like trees, hills, and creeks. Those were not even the hardest battles. Factor in a lot of humidity, fatigue
and the steady hand of time ticking away. Add about 50 other runners on the course and suddenly these
teens are competing against their own minds and bodies as well as each other.

In the 5k run, Lufkin’s David Johnson placed 21st out of 48 runners with a time of 16:47.00. He was
followed by Jake Martinez in 31st with 17:34.00, Mason Dunn in 38th with 18:35.00, Axel Tovar in 42nd
with 19:42.00, and Ryan Rayburn in 48th with 20:23.00.

For the Varsity girls’ 5k, Morgan True placed 13th out of 39 runners with a time of 19:37.00. She was
followed by Reagan Nerren in 17th with 20:28.00, Shaniqua Spearman in 18th with 20:32.00, Samantha
Williams in 22nd with 21:13.00, Sarah Yousef in 23rd with 21:16.00, LeeAnn Duke in 30th with 22:20.00,
and Valeria Panderina in 39th with 24:14.00.

It was not enough for Lufkin to claim a berth in the regional showdown. They will keep running, though,
pursuing victory till it is firmly in their grasp.

Overall standings for the Lufkin teams:

Varsity Boys 5K: 6th

Varsity Girls 5K: 4th

JV Boys 3200m: 5th

JV Girls 3200m: 4th

By Misty Boggs

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