Lady Pack Sinks Vikings

After a loss to The Woodlands in their first game of 2013, the Lufkin Lady Panthers cooked up a perfect storm for the Bryan Lady Vikings for a home game on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Lufkin easily had the lead at 13-2 by the end of the first period. The Lady Panthers kept pouring it on, ending the first half at 22-10. The third and fourth periods were a heated rally as the Lady Vikings tried desperately to stay afloat against a deluge of Panther two-pointers.The Lady Vikings played like sailors trying to stay afloat in a stormy sea; desperate, aggressive, and panicked. In the end, the Lady Pack sank the Vikings, 46-23.

Next up, the Lady Pack hopes to grab the number two spot in District standings, raining on a College Park Cavalier parade on Jan. 11 at College Park High School.

By Misty Boggs

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