Lady Panthers VS. A&M Consolidated Tigers-2012 Volleyball

Lady Panthers VS. A&M Consolidated Tigers
Misty Boggs

The claws were out Tuesday night as the Lady Panthers squared off against the A&M Consolidated Lady Tigers.

The three-game shut-out would eventually go to the Tigers, but not before Lufkin showed their ability to aggressively keep the ball in play.

The first set was all offense by the Tigers till the Lady Panthers used a soft attack to change the rhythm of the game. Lufkin would go on to score 15 points in the set, their highest total for the night. A&M won the set, 25-15.

A dig early on in the second set tied the score, 3-3. There were several fast-paced volleys in which A&M put enough points on the board to securely lead the game. Lufkin rallied, putting up a few points of their own, and a failed A&M block on Lufkin’s serve made it a two-point game. The Lady Tigers would not relent, though, and won the set 25-11.

The final set showed a strong defensive effort by the Lady Pack, edging them into an early lead. A&M pushed back, taking the third and final set with a 25-13 win.

Next week, the Lady Panthers will face The Woodlands, hoping to hunt down a win in Highland territory.

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