Lufkin Swim Hosts Longview

For those of us who are not swim meet conscious, a short explanation will do. When a swimmer competes, he or she is not just racing against another swimmer on a rival team. The true rival is the clock, and each event is a chance to shave seconds off their previous set time. This is something Lufkin is very good at, proving it as they swam against Longview on Thursday, Dec. 14.

Hosting the Lobos for a dual meet, the Panthers took the highest points in almost all of the 24 events. The only wins Longview could claim were in the Women’s 50 and 100 yard freestyle as well as the Men’s 50 and 100 yard freestyle. Longview also had the best time in the Women’s 200 yard freestyle. Lufkin dominated the rest, with the men scoring a total of 273 points and the women 151 for a combined total of 424.

Lufkin will compete again on January 11, 2013 at the Lufkin Swim Center in a Dual Meet against New Caney/Porter at 3:30 p.m.

By Misty Boggs

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