Lufkin Wins againt A&M Consolidated 2012

By:  Kristine Mize

The Lufkin Panthers headed to meet A&M Consolidated in College Station on Friday, September 28th for their district opener with something to prove: They were ready and willing to give it all they had to come home with a win. The Panthers were trailing until the end of the 3rd quarter but were always within reach. With 2:38 left in the 3rd, Lufkin finally pulled ahead of the Tigers, 24-23, starting a steady back-and-fourth rhythm of scoring between teams until it was all tied up 45-45 at the end of the 4th. Overtime was no different. 7 points were added to each teams’ score during the first two OT’s. The third OT required teams to go for 2 extra points after the touchdown, but neither team was successful, putting only 6 more points on the board for each, now at 65-65. Finally, with all the effort left in them, the Panther defense held AMC offense to a 4th down in the fourth over-time, but the Tigers went for it and were able to get a first down pass in putting them 14 yards from the goal. The Panthers were not going to give up that easily. Again, the defense held the Tigers to a 4th down forcing them to choose whether to go for a touchdown or kick a field goal. They chose the later and put 3 more points on the board making the score 68-65, leaving the Panthers a chance to finally pull ahead if they could get a touchdown. The Panther offense took the field and on the first play, their fate was sealed with a Stubblefield touchdown pass to Kendrick Mapp to win the game: 71-68. It was well past 11 pm when the packed stands on the visiting side erupted in cheers. It had been a wet night from the light showers that had been teasing off and on, and it would be a long ride home, but the Panther faithful were reveling in victory over a record setting night of 1429 yards of total offense. Way to go Panthers!

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