Panthers Leave Oak Ridge Eagles Thunderstruck-2012

The Lufkin Panthers quickly overpowered the Oak Ridge War Eagles on Saturday’s game at Woodforest Bank Stadium in Conroe, Texas.
With the fast offense dominating the field, it seemed the only thing to threaten the Pack was the weather.
During the first quarter, blue skies filled with heavy grey clouds as Quarterback Tyler Stubblefield set a quick pace on the field with an 11-yard pass to JaBryce Taylor that resulted in a touchdown. Stubblefield then followed that up with two completed touchdown passes to KeKe Coutee (six and 37 yards respectively), adding another 14 points to the board in just over two minutes. Luis Garcia put up a 33-yard field goal, adding three points for the 24-0 lead.
When lightning struck southwest of the stadium at the beginning of the second quarter, officials called the game. It was the shimmering silver lining for Lufkin as the Pack sinks their teeth into a playoff spot.
The gridiron battle for second place between Lufkin and Conroe will be at Abe Martin Stadium on Nov. 3 at 7:30 pm.
By Misty Boggs

To view the Lufkin vs. Oak Ridge 2012 game in its entirety, visit!

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