An Open Letter to Lufkin High School Supporters

Lufkin High School has lost the home field advantage that many people were so instrumental in building over the past 20 years. Although we have some truly passionate fans, a high number of Lufkin fans show up to games and appear as if they would rather be somewhere else and leave during the 3rd quarter, regardless of how the game is going.

As parents or supporters of Lufkin High School we should come to the game to support all students (football team, band, cheerleaders and drill team). We should support our kids and school and not send the message to them that the fans do not care by sitting on our hands and leaving early.

There are several easy short term solutions to regain the home field advantage. The most important thing is for fans to show up at the game. If you have reserved tickets and you do not want to go to the game, give them to someone who does. The second thing is to cheer for the football team, band, cheerleaders and drill team. Don’t just sit there and do nothing. Finally, let’s all stay to the end of the game and support our Lufkin Panthers; win or lose.
Let’s regain the home field advantage and passion that we had just a few years ago. Let’s make Friday night in Lufkin special again. As the group that is charged with supporting all Lufkin High School athletics, we are asking you to show your school and community spirit Friday night.

Wear Purple! Be Loud! Stay to the end and support our Lufkin High School student athletes.

Lufkin Sideliners

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