Day Four of 2015 Football Camp: Young Secondary Team Shaping Up

11816273_811997095564981_4645219824171895249_o Day four of the Panther 2105 football camp brought the heat, both physically and mentally. “Our kids are doing a really good job fighting the heat,” said Secondary Coach Alton Dixon, which is an important factor when building a young team.

11893823_811997112231646_5792302903945652918_oAnother is how the team responds to both coaches and varsity players. “This year, we are going to be a young team,” said Dixon, “but these are very good young men and coachable kids. The young kids are seeing what the older guys are doing and trying to mirror that, which is a good thing because if you have guys that are leaders, that breeds itself and its contagious.”

The excitement for Friday’s practice in pads is also contagious. “I think for the most part our kids are catching on well,” said Dixon. “The excitement is there. I couldn’t be more proud of what our kids are doing right now.”

Photos: Kellie Ramsey | MSGPR

Photos: Kellie Ramsey | MSGPR


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