Lufkin vs Nac

Lufkin fell to a 28-24 loss to their long-time rival on Friday, September 13 at Dragon Stadium in Nacogdoches.

The Panthers showed a strong front in the first quarter, putting up a field goal with 6:17 left in the quarter. The Dragons’ answered in just over a minute with a touchdown of their own, making it an early 7-3 lead. A pass to Jamal Jeffrey put Lufkin at the goal line, followed by a short pass to Keke Coutee for the touchdown put Lufkin ahead at the half, 10-7.

Nacogdoches came out strong, putting up a touchdown at 8:24 in the third. Lufkin answered with a sneak by Trey Cumbie, making it 17-14.

Cumbie worked both Jeffrey and Coutee, who carried for 84 and 81 yards respectively, during the second half. Kevin Sowell gained 165 yards rushing during the match up, keeping just one step ahead of the Dragons.

However, it would be Cumbie’s fourth quarter interception by Dragon Brandon Jones, who returned it for a 90-yard touchdown that sealed the Panthers’ fate at 28-24.

Lufkin will take on another heated rival, squaring off against the Longview Lobos on Friday, September 21 at Lobo Stadium.

By Misty Boggs

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