Lufkin Wins Panther Showdown Against Plugerville in 2012 Playoffs

Lufkin Panther quarterback Tyler Stubblefield became the leader in passing yards in a single season with his performance leading to a 56-43 win in Bryan, Texas against the Pflugerville Panthers on Saturday afternoon.

In the first quarter both sets of Panthers put points on the board, with Pflugerville scoring first and Lufkin answering with a pass to Jamal Jeffery.

As the second quarter began, Lufkin would take the lead and never give it back. Jeffery received again to put the second touchdown with 11:53 on the clock. He was followed by Kendrick Mapp with a 29-yard touchdown pass, then JaBryce Taylor took it across the goal line with a 40-yard touchdown pass. Another Pflugerville score and it was back to Lufkin. Stubblefield went back to Jeffery for another touchdown, putting up altogether 28 points in the second quarter to make it a 35-7 ballgame.

In the third, Mapp caught the ball and took it in for a 40-yard touchdown pass. Pflugerville began to gain momentum in the third, putting up another touchdown to help close the scoreboard gap. The fourth quarter began with a Stubblefield keeper for the touchdown and a pass to Jeffery with less than five minutes on the clock. Pflugerville’s momentum pressed the Pack defense hard, scoring three times to make it 56-43 in the end.

Stubblefield completed 19 of 25 passes for a total of 367 yards. Mapp led in rushing with 18 attempts for 121 yards. Jeffery caught six times racking up 115 yards and Keke Coutee caught eight passes to put up 112 yards.

Head Coach Todd Quick is proud of his Panthers, keeping them focused on one game at a time. “It was a battle to the end,” he said. “It was a battle to the end. They made us adjust. Our focus was to stop the run.”

Lufkin continues their steamroll to the top with the regional quarterfinals in Waco against Plano West at 2 p.m. in Waco ISD Stadium.

By Misty Boggs

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